About KALD Tool & Die Corporation
KALD Tool & Die Corporation

  • A leader in design and manufacturing

    KALD Tool & Die Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of plastic injection molds; magnesium thixomolds; and magnesium and aluminum die cast molds. We serve a broad spectrum of industrial and consumer product markets, including medical, water filtration, and automotive and recreational products. We have the people, the expertise and tools to craft a complete solution to your needs.

    Our commitment to you is simple: We will deliver the best value at the best cost.

  • Experience and expertise to improve your bottom line

    KALD was founded in 1974, and today employs some of the most experienced engineering and manufacturing people in the business. Our engineering staff knows how to ask the right questions enabling us to design and build products and provide services - and, if necessary, offer alternatives - that meet the specific needs of your application.

  • Taking an engineering perspective

    We do much more than just execute your project and deliver a molded part. We work as a team with our customers, approaching each project from an engineering perspective to ensure that our product meets your specifications and provides a complete, cost-effective solution.

  • A "total cost of ownership" solution

    When you choose KALD, you are assured of receiving a plastic or die cast mold that meets your specifications - but we don't stop there. Throughout the design and manufacturing process, we strive to reduce your total cost of ownership. That means we take into consideration a variety of factors, including your production goals and the unit's lifecycle and maintenance requirements, so that the product we deliver will integrate seamlessly and cost effectively into your production process while achieving the results you require.

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