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We offer comprehensive consultation, design, and manufacturing capabilities. Below is an overview of the services we provide. With over 30 years in the business, we can't list everything we've ever done. If you don't see a description of your specific need, just Contact KALD. One of our design and manufacturing experts will be pleased to discuss your application.

Consulting Engineering and Design
Mold Fabrication Project Management
Parts Manufacturing Forensic "Debugging" of Molds
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  • Consulting

    We have extensive experience in all aspects of plastic injection molds. We are a knowledgeable resource that can help you with virtually any stage of development as well as implementation of your manufacturing process as it relates to plastic injection molding.

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  • Engineering and Design

    "Engineering-Driven-Sales" is the cornerstone of our company's philosophy and capabilities. This means that everything we provide to you is built on a foundation of sound engineering fundamentals.

    At KALD, we treat engineering and design as coequal, interrelated, but distinct processes. Engineering is the application of scientific and mathematical principles to a practical end. Design is the systematic development, in graphic form, of your specific project. Engineering drives the design process, allowing us to craft a mold design that is practical, efficient and meets the needs of your application. This is fundamentally different than a "cookie cutter" approach, whereby your project may be forced to conform to a preexisting approach or template.

    An important part of the engineering and design processes is Early Supplier Involvement (E.S.I). It means we encourage our customers to involve us at the very earliest stages of product development, if possible. E.S.I fosters innovative thinking and promotes consideration of multiple options before you make a commitment to a particular design. The result can be reduced costs and enhanced mold life. We encourage asking tough questions - both by our staff and customers:

    • "Will this alternative approach work?"
    • "Will it reduce costs?"
    • "Have you considered all of the alternatives?"

    It is part of our culture to constantly challenge our engineering staff to look for the best possible solution to each application.

    Two critical concepts employed in the engineering and design phase are "relevance" and "reliability."

    Relevance means matching product intent with tool function. Our engineers look for relationships between seemingly disparate design elements in order to create a harmonious solution that serves both the mold and the actual product being produced.

    Reliability means development of a long-term solution through:

    • Verification and the appropriate application of engineering principals
    • Experience, which helps to identify problem areas prior to implementation

    We utilize a variety of CAD platforms, including Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, Cimatron, Surfcam and AutoDesk products, enabling us to work with original format part models. This means that when part changes are required, we can submit the revised model to a customer in a timely and cost-effective manner. This keeps us focused on the important task of designing and producing a quality mold, rather than dealing with file translation issues.

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  • Mold Fabrication

    Immediately following the engineering and design phase, and sometimes concurrently, we progress to the 'build' stage of your project. An injection mold or die cast die emulating the engineering and design effort is crafted.

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  • Project Management

    Our unique capabilities and experience also allow us to effectively manage multiple mold projects; however, this focus isn't just an 'everything under one roof' perspective but rather an overarching consideration of the fits, functions, tolerances, etc… of each of the independent, but interrelated parts manufactured from individual molds that one day will come together as a functional assembly. To our customers, this perspective is equally as important as the capability to build multiple mold projects.

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  • Parts Manufacturing

    Our capabilities involve more than just production of your mold. Depending upon the circumstances, we can even coordinate production of your plastic part. We have developed relationships with an extensive network of molders; spanning the molding of commodity resins to engineering resins. We will aid in the selection of a molder that has the experience, capabilities and equipment best suited to cost-effectively mold your part, and manage all aspects of production.

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  • Forensic "Debugging" of Molds

    Even the minutest details of a die cast or injection mold can result in major manufacturing and quality problems. We will analyze, address any issues and prepare your mold for domestic and offshore production.

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  • Mold Repair and Refurbishment

    Production downtime costs you money and has a big impact on your ability to meet commitments to your customers. Whether it is scheduled refurbishment or an emergency repair, we'll get your mold quickly back into the production process. We offer pick-up and delivery within a 100-mile radius of Milwaukee, WI.

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  • Links

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